Our Achievements :

  1. Camps : Camps are conducted at remote areas with scanty medical facilities and in door camps also are organized at periodic intervals on specific diseases.
  2. Health Awareness camps : Every month in association with GVM trust, a awareness camps with value education, is held and resource persons are omvified to speak on various aspects of prevention of disease and maintenance of health on Ayurvedic principles.
  3. Propagation of Ayurveda in Schools and Colleges and conducting blood donation camps etc. Our faculty member are invited to give talks on Ayurveda in schools and colleges.
  4. National HealthCare Programmes : The Institution is taking active participation in various Nationla Health Care like ; (i) Polio immunization programme (ii) Family Planning programme
  5. C.M.E. Programme for Medical officers is organized time to time sponsored by ministryof health and family welfare New Delhi.