Infrastructure of SBLD Ayurved Vishwa Bharti

This college is a UG college running BAMS course and is affiliated to DSRRA Vishwavidhyala, Jodhpur.

  • Academic block (9300 sq.mts.)
  • Well equipped Hospital with 150 beds. (3500 sq.mts.)
  • Well equipped Operation Theater and Maternity Department.
  • Two separate hostels for boys and girls with 220 capacity.
  • Sufficient number of Staff Quarters.
  • Extremely well equipped Panchkarma Department.
  • Herbal Garden of 20 Acre.
  • Pharmacy with GMP Certification.
  • All Departments are Computerized.
  • Well equipped Diagnosis Department with pathology lab and x-ray etc.
  • Well equipped Physiotherapy  Department
  • More than 11000 books in library
  • Sufficient Play Grounds
  • Well equipped GYM


The Institution  is situated  in a unique campus which is 3 kms away from sardarshahr, adjacent to the Mega Highway 7 towards Jaipur. It has an area of 15 acres comprising College building, Library, Digital Library, Pharmacy, Hospital, Boy & Girls Hostel, Auditorium, Herbal Garden, Dissection Theater, Staff Quarters and Play grounds.

Building: It has spacious building with sufficient number of class rooms as stipulated norms by apex body CCIM.

Library: A well furnished Library  is computerized to provide a better utility to the student. It has good number of Reference books, Journals, Magazines, dailies and circulating books. It contains nearly 10000 numbers of old books and manuscript.

Herbal Garden:
A beautifully laid herbal garden, spread over a 4 acre area and having different Species of medicinal plants, provides an exposure to the students for understanding the character and usage of various plants. The garden also provides in-house supply of raw materials for various Ayurvedic medicines.
The well maintained Herb garden contains more than 300 species of medicinal plants including rare species for practical demonstration to students.

Pharmacy/ Rasayanshala:
Rasayanshala at Ayurveda Vishwa Bharti is well equipped and operated with latest technology and it is GMP certified. Students are given practical training in manufacturing various Ayurvedic medicines. Some products like Chyawanprash and Brahmarasayanm are widely marketed which are highly appreciated for the quality and efficacy.
This  GMP certified pharmacy is manufacturing various ayurvedic formulation, It prepares more than 100 various of Guggulu compounds, Asava, Aristas, Lyehas, gutikas, taila ghrita etc., to meet the demand of the hospital and practitioners of ayurveda.

Boys & Girls Hostel: The Boys & Girls are provided residential facilities and well equipped mess and a congenial environment for stay and study as well.
Boy’s hostel is named as Charak Bhawan and has capacity of 100 seats.
Likewise Girls hostel is named as Sushrut Bhawan and has capacity of 100 seats.

Staff Quarters: The Staff members from outside are provided with quarters with all the amenities so that they can contribute and concentrate on better teaching and training.

Clinical pathology Lab:
All necessary clinical and pathological investigations are carried out with latest available equipments.
X-Ray & Ultra-sonography : For diagnosis and therapeutic evaluation, various invasive and non- invasive diagnostic facilities are use. At the time scholars & students are taught & trained for using them in their practice.
The students are trained to carry out various varieties of physiological and pathological investigations per the curriculum.

Dissection Theatre: There is a well managed Dissection Theatre along with modernized Mortuary room which has capacity to keep four cadavers at a time. This provides the needed facilities to earn Anatomy in depth.
This is the first and only Ayurved College with deep freezer facility for cadaver preservation.

Other Facilities in GVM Campus:
Canteen : It provides better quality of balanced diet for the patient which are delicious & hygienic.
Bank : Bank & ATM facility are made available for the benefit of patients, staff and students.