Ayurveda Vishwa Bharti now called Shri  Bhanwarlal Dugar (BLD) Ayurveda Vishwa Bharti was inaugurated in 1955 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President if India. It is affiliated to Rajasthan Ayurveda University, Jodhpur and is recognized by Central Council of Indian Medicine, Delhi. The name of the founderwas attached to it after his sudden demise at 42 years, in 1961.

At present , BAMS Ayurvedacharya Degree  Course (4½ Years education  +1 year internship) is being conducted on campus. Minimum qualification for the admission is 10+2 with Biology, and selection is done through a Pre-Ayurveda Test conducted by Rajasthan Ayurveda University, Jodhpur. Total  intake capacity is 50 students per year . It is the oldest and the most reputed Ayurveda College in Rajasthan with extra-ordinary infra-structure, faculty, hostels and other facilities. It also churns out the best results with a  gold medalist almost every year.

Panchkarma Centre : Equipped with traditional and modern apparatus and special college wards, it has been recently added to the hospital and is being run under the supervision of qualified and experienced team of Doctors, Therapist and Paramedical staff.

Hospital : A well equipped 100 bedded established hospital  is within the college campus. Outdoor facilities are being provided at two points of the city. Adjoining villages are served by a mobile medical unit, as also through medical camps and special drives conducted from time to time.

Herbal Garden :  A beautifully laid herbal garden, spread over a 4 acre area and having different Species of medicinal plants, provides an exposure to the students for understanding the character and usage of various plantsand to ingrain the urge to promote such ventures. The garden also provides in-house supply of raw materials for various Ayurvedic medicines.

Rasayanshala : Rasayanshala (Ayurvedic Pharmacy) at Ayurveda Vishwa Bharti is well equipped and operated with latest technology and it is GMP certified. Students are given practical training in manufacturing various Ayurvedic medicines. Some products like Chyawanprash and Brahmarasayanm are widely marketed which are highly appreciated for the quality and efficacy.

  • General ward
  • Special Ward single bed with/without AC
  • Pleasant and aesthetic environment with open and tranquil surroundings.
  • Individual care and attention by doctors and nurses
  • Emergency care round the clock x 7 days with A/C ambulance facilities

Consultation times :

One week days        8am to 2pm

General holidays & Sunday 8am to 11pm

Physiotherapy : For the purpose of Rehabilitation of the Neuro Muscular Disorders. Physiotherapy unit is equipped with necessary instruments.

Yoga and Nature cure : With view to Holistic Approach to health, Yoga and nature cure clinic has facilities for health promotion by therapeutic yoga and nature cure.

Panchakarma Theatre : The patients suffering from neurological, neuro muscular diseases, chronic allments like Skin diseases, Asthama, Back acheiare  provided with panchakarma therapy like Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Nasya (Errnine therapy) Basthi – Niruha (decoction enema) & Anuvasana (oleation enema).

Eye & ENT Clinic : Various eye diseases are treated with eye exercises, specifc therapeutic procedures.

Maternity & Labour Theatre & O.T. : Full fledged maternity section is functioning to treat gynecological & obstetric problems.